Infinite Starr - True Face - Mixtape

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Download True Face Mixtape by Infinite Starr Le Flair True Face
by Infinite Starr
Tracks : 14
*brand new*

1. Seven Days a Week
2. 25 Lighters on the Dresser
3. RACKS (I Been Paid)
4. Assault Charge
5. All I Know
6. Turn a Nothing to Something
7. Phantom of the Opera
8. Get In Line
9. Show My Ass
10. WTF U Mean
11. Sayings
12. Helluva Life
13. Whitney Houston
14. It's Over

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Released 6/26, the highly anticipated new mixtape from 3Xs awarded 6Xs nominated music artist Infinite Starr called "True Face." Presented by Follow Infinite Starr on twitter @MonroeKush.
Female Rapper
Female Rapper

Female Rapper
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