You're Supposed to Live Check-to-Check By Design

From the rich to the poor, your struggles were designed. You were manipulated to believe you needed more/bigger and better things…to never be satisfied. You were conditioned to live check to check…by design you’re supposed to live check to check (no matter what class you’re in)! To stay distracted by long working hours so you wouldn’t have time to see the truth and scandal of those who run this inhumane world. Then you could see how completely ridiculous it is to THINK YOU CAN STARVE when you could simply grow your food at home. Then you could see that pharmaceuticals only mask your pains but never heal you (or trade out for a new ailment/sickness). Then you could see how 90% of America’s media is run by 6 Corporations so there’s OBVIOUSLY a subconscious agenda (propaganda) being pushed (or not pushed). You could also see how most marches and protests were funded by the CIA. Ohhhh and then you’d also see that when you “own” a house, you are still REQUIRED to pay land taxes and insurance which means you never own it “free & clear” 🤦🏽‍♀️cuz it can still be revoked if you don’t. Oh yea and that “freedom” thing? We need PERMISSION (a license) to marry someone, hunt, fish, build on our “own” land…lmao, and we need a license to panhandle (ask for money). Dammit, whether you support it or not, a woman can’t even sell her OWN 🐈🙊when it’s obviously HERS 😂. How you gon’ stop someone from selling their own body tho? 🤔 That’s deep! Btw you can’t sell anything or make money without permission. You need a license to sell and gotta report every dime you make…

But I’m not here to point out every smoke & mirrors…that’s for YOU TO DO once you “get IT”. I’m here to tell you one thing! If you want freedom to STAND UP against anything, you must first be willing to risk it all or atleast have NOTHING TO LOSE! Stop living check to check. Stop incurring bills. Be FREE to not go to work and spend time with your family WHENEVER YOU CHOOSE. Be free to finally live!!!!

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