Week 4 of #TakeOffTuesdays (2 Chainz - Watch Out)

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Bitch I'm a savage
My Ben Franks in the attic
I put my CoCo in mason jars
'stead of wrapping in plastic
My flow so pneumatic
I'm killin' you bastards
You hoes cinematic
And I don't play with you actors

Week 5 of #TakeOffTuesdays (OT Genasis - Cut It)

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Yea we ball hard
These niggas in my call log
They ask me pass the rock
I say naw bitch I ball hog
I supply the lean 'til these fck niggas they nod off
Then I be in they pockets
and they wallets
'til it's all gone

Week 6 of #TakeOffTuesdays (Young Dro - FDB)

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Yea I'm known in your city
But I'm from the Rey man
Tryna hit the block about two more times
Bitch I just bought these new RayBands
Racked up and I'm radiant
Fck I look like getting raided
Doctor just wrote me a few extra 'scripts
'Bout to flood this bitch like Raegan
Smoking on reefer like Jamaicans
Whipping in da kitchen like I'm Asian
And I'm so quick to holla N-O
Lightskinned so they think I'm Cajun
Momma Grace made me amazing
Still slap a bitch on her knees praying
I swear to Birdman and all tree of y'all
Put respeck on my name when you say it pleighboi
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